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Anoa Interview

“The Way with Anoa Interview with Meshaun Labrone”.
Anoa Interview

“NewBlackMan (in Exile):Stokely & Power! An Interview with Playwright, Actor, and Activist Meshaun Lebone.
Stokely Power Interview With Playwright

See It or Skip It LA says “MUST SEE!”

“It’s a journey back to a terrible time in our history that resonates today within the Black Lives Matter movement. A timely show.” —Morna Murphy Martell,  Not Born Yesterday

“… the show is commanding, anchored by Labrone’s infectious energy and passion.”
—Lovell Estell III, Stage Raw

“Labrone wins us over with his charisma and never lets go.”
Manny Rodriguez, Theatre Beyond Broadway

“The true accomplishment of Labrone and director Jennifer Knight is how POWER! Stokely Carmichael immerses you in the world of social justice without turning into a church sermon,” reports Andrew Lapin.
Washington City Paper Review

“Labrone, on top of being a great writer, is a masterful performer.
It is rare to find an actor of his skill and scope,” affirms Allison Frisch.
DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“Labrone fills the near empty stage with more characters, scenes, and events than the typical one man show,” reviews Jennifer Pearson.
DC Theatre Scene Review

Nelson Pressley of The Washington Post calls “POWER!” “the most polished and timeliest show I’ve caught so far…
The Washington Post Review

Sugarcane Magazine published an interview with Mr. Labrone on the research and writing of “POWER!” Stokely Carmichael on June 10.

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